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We are currently hiring an online organiser.



/The Rules (/TR) is a global network of activists, organizers, designers, coders, researchers and writers dedicated to changing the rules that create inequality and poverty around the world.

We do this in two ways. We work with the world’s leading social movements to amplify their campaigns, building capacity and deepening a global community of support. And we create content, analysis and tools to help bring more radical ideas into the mainstream.

As we work with existing social movements to strengthen their individual struggles, we’re also becoming a global community with a broader agenda for transformational change.


/The Rules is looking for a talented candidate for the position of Online Organizer. The ideal candidate has 2-5 years of experience with digital organizing. The Online Organizer will contribute to the design of campaign strategy and tactics, coordinate with allies, and implement all aspects of campaigns while working collaboratively with a top-notch team. You’ll have the opportunity to campaign for lasting reform on critical global issues like tax havens and land grabs, as well as break ground on signature initiatives that will define /The Rules as a new organization. The role can be based anywhere for the right candidate, but preferably in Bangalore, India to work with our Director of Technology and Organising.


  • Develop and execute digital strategies including community building, list-building, organizing, fundraising, and advertising strategies
  • Work in multiple digital mediums (email, web, Facebook, mobile, etc.) to drive successful community engagement and campaigns.
  • Constantly analyze the data generated by online work and use that knowledge to guide both strategy and implementation of online tactics.
  • Engage, manage and grow The Rules’ online community.
  • Create, moderate and manage multimedia content on The Rules’ website.
  • Manage engagement across multiple social media channels.
  • Draft emails and manage email cycles.


  • Exceptional written English and a love for writing
  • 2 to 5 years experience with digital organizing, including community building
  • Demonstrable proficiency in working across a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Google apps, Flikr.
  • Proficient in Word, Excel & Powerpoint
  • Experience with online campaigning platforms such as Engaging Networks, NationBuilder, Blue State Digital or mass mailing tools like MailChimp or Vertical Response
  • Solid understanding of global economic and political issues and systems, specifically causes and trends that relate to poverty and inequality
  • Strong interpersonal skills with experience in cross-cultural settings
  • Background in graphic designing and ability to work with design software like Photoshop, Illustrator or any of their equivalent.

Added Value:

  • Fluency in other languages (Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, French)
  • Experience working or residing in /The Rules’ launch countries (South Africa, India, Kenya, Nigeria).
  • Experience with WordPress, HTML, CSS and other programing languages.

Start Date: July 2015

To Apply:
Please submit resume and two writing samples to jobs@therules.org, no later than 5pm Eastern Standard Time on Sunday May 31st.

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We’re all part of a global story. Each of us, one of seven billion characters, caught in a plot that has put a few in control and keeps a multitude in servitude. This story has a name: capitalism. And it's held together by an intricate machinery of mega corporations, global elites, worldwide trade regimes, and a totalising economic & political ideology.

Within all of us is a deep desire for connection, for meaning, for love, justice, fairness and decency. And yet surrounding this light is darkness; global forces that threaten to engulf our sense of togetherness. When we see one another clearly and dearly, put our trust and our faith in each other, we begin to see a striking new horizon – Let's be, let’s do, together.