Being an Entrepreneur, you’ll find many who will call you names coz they just can’t believe in the POSSIBILITY of your IDEA/DREAM. They are limited in their thought and feel you are unrealistic and your ideas will never get wings. The world calls them a CYNIC, I call them IT’s – Intellectual Terrorists. – These are individuals who use their negative thought process to cause harm and destroy or propagate a negative perspective to all positive existence.

It is because of them, that most great IDEAS/DREAMS die in the foetus of our mind. It is because of them that most dreamers are scared to share their dreams in public. So how do you deal with them ?

Simple but not easy – You got to work on your philosophy. You got to relate your dream to a seed. A farmer sows the seed 6″ below the earth. The law of the nature says – A seed shall deserve to grow into a tree and bear fruit only….when it has fought the 6″ of resistance from earth (Your own mind. Your negative believes and doubts) and made its way to light (success). Then it must stand strong against the strong wind and rain (family, friends and society). Then some cattle (initial losses) might feed onto some of its leaves (resources), but it must survive. And then after one stage, the wind, the rain and the cattle shall become immaterial. But by then it must grow its ROOTS deep into the earth to stay grounded (humility).

And then, that which was once a seed will now be remembered as a fruit (profits) bearing tree for generations to come.

So, my dear entrepreneurs, growing a fruit bearing company is not just about a good product, marketing strategy, business plan or funding. It’s about a Success Philosophy that is first built into one’s mind and spirit.

Now, with such a metal success philosophy, let’s face the Intellectual Terrorists and silence their pseudo intellects for ever.

Remember….the best way to keep these IT’s away ….is to destroy the first ones you come across. The word spreads that an Entrepreneur is not to be messed with <3  

“Our Wish for you is that you realize and live your dreams. That you become an entrepreneur. As we are your best choice to help you become one, lets go tell the world that – We Can, We Will and We Must, Coz We Deserve.” – GYA Global (

Take Care & Take Charge,

Chakradhari Rowe

Program Director & Founder
TigersLV  & GYAGlobal