The corporate government has created a gulag for the American people. For most of us, it is a work camp in which we barely get enough to provide basic security. Per government records, only 10% own their own homes outright despite generations of us working endlessly to buy our security. The rest of us pay mortgages, rent, or taxes which means we are never truly in control of our property. Then, simply to live we are required to take jobs on the terms set by the employer or by the government and if we fail to comply with their orders we risk losing even our free range slave status and are forced into criminal status through homelessness or by prison sentences through their graft-driven courts.

My contention is that it’s possible for folks to live the way they want, to work or not work, with the resources that we have and with almost no one getting burned. There is a US company that can produce a permanent home for $10K using a 3D printer. Such a home can be made in a day. We have tons of available land in this country, much of it captured by the federal government and sold off by politicians to the highest foreign bidder. We can take that land back, or what portions aren’t used, to create free, self-sustaining eco-villages for folks to live in.

By housing people permanently we would greatly reduce the burden on taxpayers because it would stop the endless stream of money that goes out to private landlords who take fees from the government to provide housing. Most folks using that option go on paying 60% of the rent year after year and are always at the mercy of, or under the scrutiny of the landlord and the government. With the $10K housing option, they could quickly pay off the cost of the house with the funds they already pay and then be done with the expense, just like the taxpayer.

The only losers would be the for-profit landlords. The very poor could be housed by the taxpayer for a low cost with the benefit of getting them off the streets and into a comfortable environment where they are safe and less likely to invade the neighborhoods of folks who work and enjoy a better quality of life. We should get organized in our local councils and insist that this option is applied. It will take the will of the folks in each community to get this done – the government has no stomach for it, and likely the politicians own much of the funded housing. makes the buildings.