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Reality, when served with the right amount of humour, becomes easy to digest. The issue of income inequality and the widening gap in America received this very special treatment from John Oliver.

On Last Week Tonight’s July 13 2014 episode, John Oliver picked every lie that has been told about income inequality and shredded them to pieces. As he made us laugh, he also made us think.

Poverty and inequality are creations of an unjust economy. Here, the rules are rigged to favour those who are already wealthy. The rest, i.e. the majority is made to believe that they might get there some day, if they keep playing this one-sided game.

Take the example of the World Bank. It seems to be helping poor nations. Somehow all their work to seems to favour the rich corporations more than developing nations.

A country without environmental laws, labour laws, land rights and human rights becomes a dream destination for multinational corporations. The World Bank rewards countries that achieve this dream, destruction friendly, unrestrictive set-up, with a high rank in their Doing Business ranking.

Income inequality is not just America’s problem. It has become the world’s problem, and much more serious in the developing world. The same team has been winning this game for too long. They’ll keep winning it unless we step out and change the game.

You can help change the rules of this game. Stand-up against the World Bankers and the land grabbers at

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