Empty meeting table - experts can't solve poverty

The Experts Won’t Solve Poverty

They say, when things go wrong it’s best to leave it to the experts. But what if the experts are getting it all wrong too?

This is exactly what’s happening in the case of poverty. Experts are so focused on tackling the symptom that they’ve completely ignored the root cause of poverty. As a result the systemic flaws that create poverty in the first have become more entrenched.

Can experts really solve poverty? A video produced by #GlobalPOV Project tries to answer this question. Take a look.


The solution to poverty lies in changing the rules that create poverty. We need to break the global domination of a single ideology of neoliberalism that has helped corporations gather wealth and thus influence over our politics.

Our governments are being run by banks and corporations, which explains why they form the wealthy 1% while the majority 99% fight debt, and low wages.

 This is where experts need to start if they are looking to solve poverty. Till they do this they are just skimming on the surface of an issue that concerns the majority of this world.


The #GlobalPOV Project is a program of the Global Poverty and Practice (GPP) Minor, at the Blum Center for Developing Economies, University of California, Berkeley.