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Hello ladies and gentleman,

If you read this post, I assume that you are a political interested person like I am. Maybe you have always been, or you become concerned about the state of our world that is given by the daily news.

The Rules’ Facebook group is about the growing inequality within society all around the globe. To be treated differently and having a disadvantage towards others is something most people can’t accept. But the fact that makes people get engaged is, that some people around the globe are forming networks of elites and trying to establish a system that creates inequality just for their own benefit in a perverted dimension of greediness. They create laws to legalize their criminal actions against citizens everywhere in the world. Banks, companies and governments working hand in hand, lie and cheat on us in such an obvious way that I could puke.

But inequality isn’t the only problem I am mad about.

The list seems like never ending. War, corruption, racism, fanaticism, overpopulation, poverty, the exploitation of workers, animal cruelty and eradication of wildlife, pollution of air, ground and water…I think you could add more points yourself.

When I was younger, I thought that I wouldn’t have to do anything about it. These problems are so serious and obvious that politicians or whoever would take care and solve them in near future. But it seems to be only getting worse.

That’s the reason for me to write this.

In my eyes it is not possible to solve those problems, I mentioned above, separated. They are connected with each other and generated by the system we are living in. I don’t want to blame someone for this situation. The course of history has lead us into this situation. If we want to solve these problems, we have to change this system itself. We live in a globalized world. To solve our global problems we have to work together no matter where we are from.

Just remember, things like nations and national affiliation are manmade and therefore we can overcome differences that exist primarily in our heads. It’s a human habit not to react until the very last moment. But since we consider us as the most intelligent species that we know, we could take the matters in our own hands and shape the future of all of us more actively and ensure that the new system fits more with our belongings.