Sacred Commerce and a Holographic Economy
Dedicated For Two Jules, 
Those like-spirited souls who resonate with Spiritual Philanthropy will perceive intuitively and naturally that we give and receive and that clearly there are infinite Gifts of integral wealth, prosperity and abundance available for us to share with one and other; Unconditional Love. Wisdom. Time. Energy. Passion. Attention. Skills. Knowledge. Expertise. Connections. Current sees. Resources.
Definition by Villagelab – “The word ‘Wealth’ is derived from ‘well-being’ and ‘health’. It is the sum of all things that bring well-being and health to the steward or holder of the wealth including physical, emotional, mental, ethical, religious, and spiritual value. Wealth is much more than money or even what money can buy. Wealth included clean air and water, healthy food, healthy ecosystems, healthy soil, beauty, art, physical, emotional and mental health, integrity, reputation, knowledge, experience, evolutionary capacity, wisdom and love. We recognize multiple levels of wealth – with tradeable or exchangeable wealth as but one physical plane level that is transcended and included by higher evolutionary levels of wealth. In this paper we distinguish between monetary wealth and non-monetary wealth or integral wealth. Integral wealth (or sometimes referred to as whole systems health) is the sum of all other types of wealth including monetary wealth.”
A Spiritual Philanthropist remembers that the separation between self and other is a subjective perception that fulfils its role in life but is not the entire story.
A Spiritual Philanthropist comprehends our Holographic nature of existence; where each individual reflects the whole of reality and the whole reflects back as individuals. We seem to be co-creating reality together as a family of beings on Planet Earth. This interplay between wholes and parts creates the realisation that each of us carries within us a Universal Consciousness which is forever entangled and connected to every other part of Itself. Therefore, serving others is equal to serving one’s self and serving one’s self is equal to serving others. It’s simply the Golden Rule in action and Spiritual Philanthropists live passionately through this lens of unconditional love.
Philanthropy (etymologically) is the love of humanity
Spiritual Philanthropy is the love of love… the love of pure consciousness itself.
Spiritual Philanthropy implies investing our Whole Self into pure consciousness/love and resonating with Return On Intention and Return On Imagination. It does not exclude financial aspirations, ultimately it encourages the aforementioned wealth, abundance and prosperity. Spiritual Philanthropy simply transcends and includes the current triple bottom line mind-set into a more integral stage of co-creative expression; the heart coherence of a holographic economy where expansion and contraction are simply the eternal pulse of gifting and receiving. A breath of fresh air, Spiritual Philanthropy is syntony; an alignment with pure consciousness/love and therefore alignment with the people, communities, projects and passions that inspire us.
Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’ doesn’t make any sense. Rumi
I am inviting kindred spirits to enter the field of Return On Intention & Return On Imagination… to invest in pure consciousness/love. This is Rumi’s field where we all meet and play and co-create. The details and structures manifest effortlessly when we are invested together in love, in pure consciousness. Solutions arise naturally, effortlessly, when we trust Syntony and recognize conscious evolution.
Let us announce the arrival of the embodied grounding of this New Paradigm for Unconditional Love. Let us invert the processes we have come to accept as natural like creating structures from the outside in. Let us invert the reductionist, masculine perspective of the parts coming before the whole. We no longer need to build ‘things’. Let us start from the ground of being and nourish, support, attend to and cultivate our unity… the ground of pure consciousness and love where every manifest form truly begins.
The participation I am inviting is in conscious evolution itself; where financial return on investment evolves into its highest frequency of expression, which is Return On Intention. The edge of conscious evolution is where spiritual philanthropy transcends and includes all current models of business, investment, economics and philanthropy. Because this is an integral, synergistic process, we can preserve the best of what now exists in the changing forms of energetic structures and rest in that which never changes.. pure consciousness… LOVE!
This term, coined by Eric Jantsch in his book Design for Evolution, described one of the ways of accessing conscious evolution, as mentioned earlier. The relationship between the cosmic design and the individual intensifies through some form of syntony or resonance. Syntony feels like guidance, intuition, or direct knowing. We do not have to figure out what to do. We know. We perform with spontaneous right action. The inner world of subjective experience and the outer world of objective reality blend and become one. We and the world “outside us” are interconnected in one larger field of intelligence. The great flashes of awareness that mystics have experienced throughout history are reinforced and normalized. Each of us becomes more attuned to the deeper patterns; intuition and intellect blend. The mystical state becomes grounded and manifested in spirit-motivated social action. Page 173 of Conscious Evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard (copyright 2015)
Attunement with the patterns of creation experienced as one’s own inner motivation and intuition. Page 84 of the 52 Codes For Conscious Self Evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard (copyright 2011)