The way people perceive poverty is problematic. For years, popular media and advertising has made us believe that poverty is natural. It happens to people who don’t work hard enough. That’s not true.

Poverty and income inequality are created by the few who have wealth and thus the power to create laws that help them get richer. It is a result of a system that lets corporations amass wealth at the cost of people.

Breaking the myth about poverty means dismantling a popular, corporate-backed agenda that supports it. To do that, we need to be very efficient and effective with our communication.

This webinar, a result of on-going research at /The Rules on the global discourse around poverty, looks at how the issue is being spoken about and how do we change it. It uses the theory of frames to suggest ways in which we can create strong stories about poverty that resonate with people.

Watch the full video and Q&A session of the webinar here.  You can email your questions and observations to