In the next few weeks you will hear a lot about the Sustainable Development Goals — the global elite’s framework for “bringing an end to poverty by 2030.” They will tell you that things are getting better. Plenty of feel good stories to go around. What you WON’T hear is a fundamental rethink of the particular kind of market system that was built up over centuries in the forms of slavery, then colonialism, and now through debt servitude.

Humanity deserves (and truly needs) much better than this. We can do better. We must do better. And, if we ask the right questions and get to the root causes of poverty and ecological harm, we can do better.

This video is not for everyone — only those who can grapple with difficult material in a compassionate manner should watch it. It is an excellent documentary about the harmful impacts of Neoliberal Capitalism on farmers in rural India, specifically covering the epidemic of suicides that swept the country after a wave of structural debt was put in place.

I highly recommend it for anyone grappling with the hard problems of the world. We need to replace the toxic narratives of “trickle down” and “morality of debt repayment” with authentic, spiritually mature stories about overcoming the rigged political systems that create widespread harm and replacing them with inclusive democratic systems that serve life over money.

Onward, fellow humans.