“One who doesn’t keep seed is not a farmer,” says Adolfo a progressive farmer in .

Adolfo is possibly one of the most dynamic, progressive and positive farmers in his district. Faced with a changing climate, he has begun to plant over 60 different crops on his land, some which will thrive in times of flood, others that will survive drought. With Central America already feeling the effects of global warming, Adolfo is one of a new generation of farmers developing truly long term systems.

He has planted rice in rows between his indigenous drought tolerant corn, he is guaranteed food for his family and an income all year round. Adolfo believes that organic traditional agricultural practice and crop diversification is the only way to survive in the current scenario of shifting climate patterns.

His truly biodiverse farm gives us hope about the future of food and farming. Discover Adolfo’s farm and the philosophy behind farming in this poignant film by the The Source Project.

Adolfo, a future farm ~ El SalvadorIn the next of our 9 films about food and farming meet Adolfo. Adolfo is the district’s most progressive organic farmer with sixty varieties of crop. He has now begun to grow rice between his corn, his argument is, is that if the valley floods he has a rice crop, if there is a drought, he has a corn crop and if the weather is normal he can harvest both. He is obsessed with his truly biodiverse farm, hurrying around like an excited child pointing out to us hidden crops hanging off trees or sticking out of the ground. With shifting climates, Aldolfo believes that organic traditional agricultural practice and crop diversification is the only way to survive.”As with every community I have ever visited, there is a growing realisation that the so called agro-chemical industry has let them down. Despite their claims, hybrid and GMO seed is not good when it comes to adaptability, it was never designed that way. You measure the inputs then guarantee the outputs, the commodification of agriculture.” Jason Taylor, The Source Project

Posted by The Rules on Tuesday, July 14, 2015