“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

A wise saying of Rumi applying to all of us. We all would like to change this planet, but we forget about ourselves.

    + We continuously look towards what happens around us and discover nuisances on a daily basis.
    + We complain about, but we don’t do anything against.
    + We bitch and shout, but once we get encouraged to become active we reply that one person only will not succeed.
    + We become more and more egocentric and isolate ourselves although we realize that many people around us are as disappointed and frustrated as we are.

 Isn’t it time to begin to change this planet by changing ourselves?

    + Are you aware of your neighbour’s problems?
    + Do you offer to help your neighbour if he/she needs assistance?
    + Do you simply listen to your neighbours when they would need it?
    + Do you think for your personal wealth first before you donate some bucks to an unemployed or impoverished person?

By changing our consumer and comfort habits we automatically show the economic dictators of this planet that we can live independent from their dictatorship and that we are people who can think and know what we need.

This post is an excerpt of my post in SomethingToThinkAbout. Please read on.