Poverty is created

Poverty is created. There’s no simpler way of saying it.

It’s as true as truth can get, but it’s not very popular in the corridors of power. The story we usually hear is that poverty is natural, the fault of poor people themselves, just something we should expect as a “background condition” for the world.

In a few months from now, the UN, big corporations and NGOs, and many of the world’s governments will be serving up this pretense in the form of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

They will be sold to the public with “the biggest marketing campaign ever”, and make the almost irresistible claim that they can eradicate poverty by 2030. It sounds wonderful, but dig beneath the surface and you’ll see their strategy is more of the same neoliberal system. They want us to believe the very same rules that created poverty will somehow magically get rid of it.

The rules that create poverty can be changed if we name them and make them unavoidable in the conversation. The only we can do this well is if we have your help.

You can start by spreading these three key articles that tell the story of how ‘poverty is created’.

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