Find That Place Of Stillness Within You 
For There You Will Discover Just How Much Wisdom

Already Resides In Your Soul
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Greetings… as a Poet, Artist Photographer and Earth-nurturer I communicate best  using those avenues of expression. As a nurturer and healer my main aim is to share the the healing beauty of this wondrous Earth we all share in hope that I foster a greater understanding and empathy for All.
I do hope this is an appropriate format of blogging here.
Peace and Love for ALL

Tap Into the Infinite Creative Powers of the Universe

Heal Yourself and give healing energy in return
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Circle of Life

There is a certain measure of wholesomeness

that connects all aspects of our lives

simple honest wisdoms

that will guide us


basic human survival

can be represented

by a simple garden…

you see, if we keep the Earth healthy

and grow our food in rich soil

then our food will be healthy

if our food is healthy

our body is too

if the Earth & our food & our bodies

are all healthy

our minds will be healthy as well…

…if we feed the Earth

with compost

made from our left over vegetable matter

we enrich the soil

for next season’s crop

which enriches us…

the physical activity

of maintaining a garden

is good for body spirit soul

our renewed energies

help rebalance

the vibrations of the universe

replenishing what has been taken

and so we become

part of the circle

the circle of life;

why is that so hard

for so many to understand?

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Art Photography and Writing – Sharon Lee Goodhand