Property ownership (or its absence in the form of homelessness) is both the cause and the effect of inequality in wealth and opportunity. Therefore, the solution to homelessness and inequality in wealth and opportunity must look into the issue of property ownership, in one form or another, such as shared ownership or a commons.

The formation of a commons and the related practices of “commoning” (involving equal shared ownership, collaboration, transactions, transparency, accountability and governance etc.) will lead to the growth of Commons Collaborative Communities that will give equal emphasis to People / Planet / Profit. It will actively promote the Sharing Economy / Collaborative Consumption / Solidarity Economy etc.
Perhaps, an easy way could be found to form such a Commons in the form of a shared transient home that could serve multiple functions, for living, working, traveling, learning and even (or more importantly) play. Indeed, there is such a proto-type already operating as a pilot project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  
It is called the Hypercube @ SOHOland which is a Sociable Home (SOHO) designed to expand locally, regionally and globally to form Commons Collaborative Communities to overcome inequality in property ownership and wealth, while providing facilities and opportunities for personal development and societal transformation, consistent with the objective of socio-environmental-political sustainability and stability, in an ever-changing world.