In my part of the world called Ghana, politics is further deepening the inequalities in the Ghanaian society. I don’t know about other countries, but in Ghana political party coloration is one of the critical factors that is often underhand, considered in filling vacancies especially in the public sector. Of late it has very much chopped into the private sector domain where politicians have high say in terms of employment. There is no fair playing field for people to be employed based on merit but rather where they have affiliations in the political landscape of Ghana. Forget about the interviews that often are organized, they are sham of a sort, as it is often the case that people are selected before. They are done usually for the sake of formality. Sometimes the best brains are left on the side-lines because of perceived affiliations to opposing side. The effect is not only the pervasive inequalities but the nation’s which would have contributed so much to poverty reduction is adversely affected too. In the working environment for that matter, the nation does not derived maximum gains from the deployment of its scarce resources. Corruption takes centre the stage because people who otherwise do not have the favors of the powerful politician will resort to paying cash and sometimes in kind to the bureaucrats in order that they are considered for a job vacancy. Politics, I thought was a means through which a people could make good use of their self-determination; but it turns out each day that, activities of actors in politics are wrecking the fortunes of the very resilient nation they sought to build.