Founded by Ann Daramola, the Signifying Power collective brings together artists and creators from all walks of life to deliver quality training for campaigns, movements, and organizations. Around topics of power, gender, art, education, governance and their many intersections with social justice.

The purpose of each of workshop is to reveal the power at play within and without each organization’s goals. Whether it’s building an application, developing a website, organizing a movement, or launching a campaign. We also work closely with organizations to develop custom trainings for their teams.

Signifying Power

This signature workshop unearths the foundations of power in personal, corporate, and state relationships and enables participants to develop strategies to use those relationships to amplify their work.

Interactive Power Mapping

To create an interactive, visual representation of the geographical locations of human, legal and natural resources. This power map reveals an organization’s blind spots and opportunities in the work they’re already doing.

About Ann

Ann Daramola is a technologist and digital storyteller working with young people and organizations in the Africas and the African diasporas to prepare them with 21st century workforce, organizing, and community-building skills. She is principal at Signifying Power, a communications consulting agency that serves remarkable organizations wanting to leverage power to achieve great things using 21st century tools. She curates Afrolicious, a blog about creative Black people around the world.

As an educator, Ann has worked with students ages 8 to 88 teaching basic computer literacy, digital mapping, web and graphic design, computer programming, and related subjects. In 2013, she traveled to Arusha, Tanzania to teach middle and high school s tudents how to code and plans to return to the East Africas to train teachers to utilize classroom technology. She has also created custom curriculum that has since been integrated into schools and programs.

Her most recent project, The Africas, features the voices and work of multigenerational Africans on the continent and in the diaspora. The Africas also curates news from different African news sources, providing an African-centered overview of current events, history, politics, and pop culture.