The Richest are becoming richer. Poorer are becoming poorest.

Industrialists find ways to manufacture cheapest possible products. They are following a recent trend Make in India since India has a reputation to build world class projects and at cheapest costs. What’s happening in India ?

Indian Engineers work hard without being paid hourly, being exploited by getting underpaid. Can’t afford to buy an iphone or luxury car. Why are our salaries so less ? Why are we not paid as per international standards ? We don’t want your facilities and amenities, Pay us good and we can have healthy work life balance. We can buy our own stuffs. Let the money flow from one hand to another. Let people live life the way they want. Along with competition, let the people be artistic. Let them have money to afford items and develop their creativity. Let them have money to buy DSLR Cameras, buy sporting products, buy organic food, buy memberships. I don’t wish to see a poor selling stuffs on footpath. 

Do you want to bring this revolution and see smiles on peoples faces ?