Inequality 300 richest have as much as 3 billion poorest

It’s some sort of mundane privilege to get into the economical territory referred by human culture. As a new explorer I’d like to absorb every bit of logic economy has to offer to consume itself. Honestly saying,  the thing that’s making me get inclined toward economy to understand the necessity of economy is the necessity to discover a way to prevent the existence of human race from being a matter of question. I’m a reality analyst to my own. So it’s my normal habit to speculate over reality for the sake of knowledge to extend science. Before getting into the core area I should admit that I have a little knowledge about economy. So far i understand about economy is that it’s the understanding that governed by mathematics.

As my idea is pretty immature in this section so I think I better start with asking basic question to economy. Well, My first simple questions are: The total resource of the world is constant? If not, is it decreasing? If it’s decreasing then does the total population of the world decrease to meet up the consumption rate to spend a healthy livelihood for each household. Wait a minute, forget about the word “healthy”. I need to know that will the total resource of food and water be sufficient to meet up the consumption rate of the entire world to keep everyone alive at-least? I have just started hating mathematics which is one of my favourite tools to analyze reality. Do you know why. because reality makes it express that ((dr/dt)/(dp/dt)) is heading toward zero so quickly if I hope for the best otherwise the result comes out with a negative sign.[where dr/dt is the rate of increment of resource per unit time and dp/dt is the rate of increment of population per unit time ]. Mathematics is just going to kill our future and this is the reason why I started hating mathematics.Economics tells us that cyclic money flow is necessary to the existence of civilization. I really believe in so but what seems hazy to me is that I don’t find any sophisticated function in the system that produces enormous GDP(Gross Domestic Product) or resource which holds the key to revolution to each household to have the minimum adequate demand supply ratio to survive. I see people in the poor country spending life without having sufficient food and water. Who is responsible for it? It’s simple to understand that the unsteady money flow and weak money distribution cause such situation. They are all suffering from a disease name “Economic freedom” with no pedicure at all. They are all looking at government or politicians. I never say that Government and Politicians do not want to help them but they simply cant help them because of mathematics.Again mathematics does not let them try to response to their situation.

Let me implement some logic over current reality. USA has 4% of the world population(from internet) and it consumes 25% of the total resource(from internet) and the rest is about to be consumed by the entire world except USA. So Let me assume that total population of the world is y so USA holds 4% of y (i.e. y/25) population. so the rest (24y/25) population consumes 75% resource. Now calculate the ratio of consumption. Consider that the total resource of the world is R. So the ratio is ((R/4)/(y/25)):((3R/4)/(24y/25))=(25/4)(R/y):(75/96)(R/y)=(25/4):(75/96)=(6.25:0.78125) OMG, could you imagine this. the ratio is 7:1 (approx). At this moment if anyone is thinking that the ratio should be 1:1 I am the first person who strongly disagree. A question must come up as why. The answer is embedded in the freedom defined by ability. Suppose you have the ability to earn more than me so logically you should have the privilege to get more than me and it’s completely rational. USA has the highest GDP so USA must deserve to get the best out of economy. But there should be some limitation. The ratio should be (1.9:1) if I consider the countries with the highest and lowest GDP. It leads to have a well distributed resource over the world.

In order to bring this concept into reality I need to talk about machine learning, the lesson that we can take from reality and it’s behavior.We all know well that water always flows downwards and so do our nature of action like decreasing credit to buy stuff and increase debit when credit is at higher position. I am happy to realize that this action of human being causes the money flow to stabilize the credit debit ratio. And I appreciate this fact in the best way I can. Because this fact manages to bring the motion in currency flow system. Now consider the ocean surface, every square feet area of water surface to any ocean stays in the same level to provide a balance to geological integrity to prevent itself from any sort of geological disturbance. I can also fathom my idea by fathoming the conceptual error that feeds my conscience. But What I just meant. I meant that I never mentioned all of their bottom parts are in the same level. What seems very illogical to the water as logical to keep the balance of mother nature.I hope every body has understood by now what is conceptual error. And I believe that well distribution of water molecule or the property of water molecule has got it’s own reason to get itself stabilized leading to maintain a proper balance to get the earth static in motion. As we know (100-96.5)% (from internet) water is stagnated on the earth surface so there will always be some water chosen by environment to be stagnated above the sea level. In case of human being this environment comes as ability. And according to me the ability must have certain unit to compute a certain standard to each people of the earth otherwise the existence of more water on earth surface increases drastically leading to get much of human beings under water if water does not maintain the proper percentage for stagnation on earth surface. And I hope much of us would not comply to choose such fate. For the same reason we should be chosen respectively based on certain standard of  ability to maintain maximum 1.9:1 to minimum 1:1 HDI(Human Development Index) ratio between any two person in the world otherwise the world will be a miserable platform because (ds/dp) is not greater than zero.[Where ds/dp is the rate of increment of earth’s size with respect to population growth.] Right now anyone can claim that in some way GDP is proportional to population growth because of the increment of the amount of service. But the fact that haunts me to ask a question is that “does the HDI always increases when population increases?”. My consciousness strives to reveal the weakest point of economy, I’m gonna mark an example to explain the answer to such question. India stands 10th in rank if we consider the GDP amount (from Internet) but when HDI comes into the deal, India’s rank goes straight to 136 with (0.554) HDI which can be treated as obnoxious statistic inside economical territory. Almost all of us have no idea that how we are getting jeopardized to survival for whatever you say reality or mathematics.

But hope never let us down. Hope offers us two ways, Making dp less as much as possible over time or having a bigger earth. Because of the certain reason GDP never gets inversely proportional to the increment of size of the earth. But there is no way to get a positive value for (ds/dt) so we are forced to look straight at (dp/dt). I am so sorry because the hope now started acting like our enemy. I’m not gonna explain this part because it hurts me badly if I go to build up the pure way to salvation. Because it could lead us to invasion on society instead of salvation if we want to maintain maximum 1.9:1 to minimum 1:1 HDI ratio between any two person in the world. [ considering mortality rate is less than breeding rate of life to reality ]. I believe that comparative clusters(groups) of HDI ratios can keep people properly cascaded with respect to income index, education index and life expectation index where the minimum limit of HDI should be 0.4(constant) and upper limit of HDI should be proportional to total resources of earth and the number of clusters is fixed and have the ability to add or reject any human being based on HDI dynamically and preserve proper adequate constant resources per human being. And each cluster should have dynamic range to store human beings who have their HDI’s in that range and any two human beings in different clusters should have different resources. As a conclusion We are needing to understand and calculate the value of reality that rests on our hands. [Note: Resource is considered as GDP]

Suggestion: WORLD TOTAL CURRENT POPULATION = 6,500,000,000 AND TOTAL GDP OF WORLD PER MONTH = ((70,020,432 * (10^6))/12 ) = 5835036 Million (APPROX)

Let’s assume there are 4 clusters and currency ratio is same among countries leads to 1:1 and

Cluster1 contains (y/20)=(32.5 * 10^7) people and each should earn $1250 per month

Cluster2 contains (3y/20)=(97.5 * 10^7) people and each should earn $1000 per month

Cluster3 contains (14y/20)=(455 * 10^7) people and each should earn $750 per month

Cluster4 contains (2y/20)=(65 * 10^7) people and each should earn $500 per month

Total money to be earning per month is $((40625+97500+341250+32500) * (10^7))  =  $5118750 Million USD


Where who will go to which cluster will be chosen by HDI based on (1:3:14:2) ratio on total population respectively.

And total how much money EACH cluster can provide will be considered based on  (40625:97500:341250:32500) ratio on total GDP of the World respectively.


So, The world Bank can keep $(5835036 – 5118750) Million = $716286 Million per month. (APPROX)

I am scared of the question “what will be the money deficiency after 20 years if last cluster is meant to provide $500 for each human being inside that cluster as mortality rate is less than breeding rate ?”

( Birth – Death ) is always positive to any country